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Kevin White

    Employees say: “Management is down-to-earth with an open-door policy; they trust you will get the work done and don’t micro-manage. Our executive leadership team is well liked and has a clear vision and plan for the future of our company.”


    “We are trusted by our managers and coworkers that we will do our job and do it well. We are not micromanaged and are given both a lot of responsibility and flexibility as contributing individuals in our work and job roles, giving the employees a sense of pride in their work.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    IndustryInformation Technology
    SectorHardware, Software, Online Internet Services, IT Consulting, Storage/Data Management
    HQ LocationSt. Louis
    Company TypePrivate
    # Work Sites38
    Employees (U.S.)3,766
    Best Companiesyes
    Best Companies Rank40
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    Women in the Organization

    % of Women in the Company29%
    % of Women in Executive/Manager Positions31%