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    Employees say: “The majority of upper level management is admittedly female, but what makes this company distinct is how these women treat other women and everyone else within the organization. This is the first time in my career that I’m a part of a company where women are truly treated as equals and aren’t expected to be anything other than themselves or face being labeled with generic stereotypes.”


    “While most companies I have worked for in the past have formal values, Roth Staffing has implemented processes (i.e. Ambassador Program, 9/80 Flex Schedule, 120% Guarantee) to champion the purpose and values of our organization and to make life better for our coworkers, candidates, and customers. I know that I work for a company that says what they mean and means what they say.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    IndustryProfessional Services
    SectorStaffing & Recruitment
    HQ LocationOrange, Calif.
    Company TypePrivate
    # Work Sites139
    Employees (U.S.)611
    Best Companiesno
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    Women in the Organization

    % of Women in the Company68%
    % of Women in Executive/Manager Positions68%