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    Employees say: “From day one, I felt my opinion was heard and valued not just from peers, but from top-level executives. I am never made to feel belittled because I am a young women, like I have at other jobs, but instead at Forter I have been given the tools to feel empowered. Our HR team is the best there is at not just making everyone feel welcome, but also ensuring all of our managers know how to manage employees—not just on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. I had a life-threatening emergency that landed me in the hospital while my manager, who is also an executive, was on vacation, and when I gave him the call, all he cared about was my health. Over the last five months, he asks me regularly how I am feeling. People at Forter actually care.” Read the Great Place to Work review here.

    Company Info

    IndustryInformation Technology
    Industry VerticalOnline Internet Services
    HQ LocationNew York City
    U.S. Employees166
    Worldwide Employees479
    U.S. Revenue-
    Total Worldwide [including U.S.] Revenue in the Latest Fiscal Year-
    Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)Feb. 21, 2022