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    Employees say: “Bamboo's culture is incredible and it all stems from our values. They aren't just posters on a wall for us. We all take them to heart and work on living them not just in our work life but in our personal life. I can honestly say working at BambooHR makes me a better person and I am so so grateful to be here. Middle management buys in to the "culture initiatives" and strategy that the executives talk about in big meetings. The warm fuzzy feelings designed in boardrooms actually find their way into my daily work, because managers are empowered and choose to act on the positive sentiment. When they say work life balance, they mean it. We have paid-paid vacation, where you can get reimbursed for taking a vacation, and use PTO. " Read the Great Place to Work review.

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    IndustryInformation Technology
    Industry verticalSoftware
    HQ locationLindon, Utah
    # of work sites2
    U.S. employees820
    Worldwide employees-
    U.S. revenue-
    Total worldwide (including U.S.) revenue in the latest fiscal year-
    Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)June 12, 2021