Zynga Inc.

    Employees say:

    “We have AMAZING games that reach the whole world and make people happy. My team is also super friendly, and I actively look for opportunities to recruit friends to the team because of our great culture. I LOVE that we support all ethnic, gender and sexual identities and we openly celebrate our diversity through clubs and events. Our executive team is top-notch and comprised of experts in the industry. I really feel like out of all the mobile companies out there, ours has the clearest vision for how to succeed in this complex industry and is making the best moves to become the #1 company in the space. Acquiring Chartboost/Echtra/Peak/Rollic. These add tremendous value to our org and keep Zynga an exciting place to work for years to come.”

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    Company Info

    Web Addresswww.zynga.com/
    U.S. Employees985
    Worldwide Employees2,500
    U.S. Revenue$1,975,000,000
    Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)June 23, 2021