Roche Diagnostics

Christopher Gmuender

    “No one has it better than us,” says one ­employee at this medical diagnostics ­company, with “outstanding” benefits, perks like an on-site summer camp for staffers’ kids, “wonderful” work/life balance, and “courageous and intelligent” coworkers. The result: The average tenure here is an impressive 10½ years.

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    Company Info

    Rank last year73
    Years on list6
    HQ locationIndianapolis
    Total employees91,700
    Job openings (as of February 2017)245
    IndustryBiotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
    Revenue (2016 or most recent year)$2.6 billion
    Year founded1964
    Type of organizationPrivate
    Number of work sites1


    100% health coverageNo
    Unlimited sick daysYes
    Onsite fitness centerYes
    Discounted gym membershipsYes
    Job sharingYes
    Compressed work weeksYes
    Fully-paid sabbaticalsNo
    Onsite medical care facilityYes
    Medical facility at all locationsNo
    Onsite childcareNo
    Domestic partner benefits for same-sex couplesYes
    Non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientationYes
    Sick days for part-timersYes
    Health insurance for part-timersYes
    PTO for volunteeringYes
    College tuition reimbursementYes


    % Women45%
    % Minorities18%
    % African-American/Black8%
    % Asian4%
    % Caucasian/White82%
    % Hispanic/Latino4%
    % Native American/Alaska Native<1%
    % Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander<1%
    % Two or more races1%
    % Unknown ethnicity<1%

    Paid Time Off

    General PTO28
    Total PTO after 5 years39
    # Sick daysUnlimited
    Max hours PTO for volunteering-
    General PTO for part-timers28
    # Sick days for part-timers-


    Most common job (for salaried employee)Account Manager 2 - Direct
    Avg. base pay (salaried)-
    Avg. extra compensation (salaried)-
    Total pay for most common job (salaried)-
    Most common job (for hourly employee)Field Support Specialist
    Avg. base pay (hourly)-
    Avg. extra compensation (hourly)-
    Total pay for most common job (hourly)-
    Avg. monthly rate for onsite childcare-

    Hiring/Staffing (Past 12 Months)

    Full-time job growth %3%
    # of job applicants34,663
    Avg. # of applicants per opening36
    FT voluntary turnover4%
    Jobs filled internally451
    % Jobs filled by referral45
    # New graduates hired6
    Avg. college tuition reimbursed$6,395


    Avg. # hours training (salaried workers)60
    Avg. # hours training (hourly workers)79