The Boston Consulting Group

Photograph by Tory Williams

    One of the allures of working for BCG is the ability to take a Social Impact Leave of Absence for three to 12 months. In 2014, BCG staffers worked for Techno Serve, the World Food Programme, Clinton Health Access initiative, Education Pioneers, Green Dot, Gates Foundation, Ethiopian Agricultural Agency and Yunus Social Business.

    Company Info

    CEO/Top ExecutiveRich Lesser
    Rank last year3
    # of years on list10
    F500 Rank-
    IndustryProfessional Services
    Year founded1,963
    Type of organizationPrivate
    Revenue (2014 or most recent year)$3.9 billion
    Total US employees2,701
    Full-Time jobs added in last year151
    Number of work sites-


    Offers compressed work weeksYes
    Offers fully-paid sabbaticalsYes
    Offers paid time off for volunteeringYes
    Onsite fitness centerNo
    Discounted gym membershipsNo
    Onsite medical care facilityNo
    Offers college tuition reimbursement to employeesYes


    % Women45.46%
    % Minorities-
    % African-American-
    % Asian-
    % Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander-
    % Caucasian or White-
    % Hispanic/Latino-
    % Native American/Alaska Native-
    % Two or more races-
    Same-Sex BenefitsYes
    Non-discrimination policyYes

    Paid Time Off

    Sick daysUnlimited
    General PTO-


    Most common job (hourly)-
    Avg. base pay (for hourly employee)-
    Avg. extra comp. (for hourly employee)-
    Most common job (salaried)-
    Avg. base pay (for salaried employee)-
    Avg. extra comp (for salaried employee)-


    FT voluntary turnover-
    # of job applicants32,869
    Avg. # of applicants per opening62
    # of jobs filled1,149
    Jobs filled internally622
    % of jobs filled by referral6.00%
    # new graduates hired-
    # of job openings (as of Feb. 2015)1,000