Ultra Clean Holdings

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Semiconductor equipment company Ultra Clean Holdings designs, engineers, and manufactures systems for products like flat-panel displays and medical devices. The company, launched from Mitsubishi Corporation’s metals division in 1991, reported second-quarter revenue of $290.2 million, up 27% year over year, with revenue from outside the U.S. up 43% in the same period. Ultra Clean recently entered an agreement to acquire Quantum Global Technologies, which CEO Jim Scholhamer says will help it to expand its offerings and diversify its revenue streams.

Company Information

LocationHayward, Calif.
Current Streak-
Years on List1
CEOJames Scholhamer

Revenue, Net Income

Revenue past four quarters ($M)$1,035
Net Income past four quarters ($M)$85

Growth Rates and Ranks

Revenue 3 Yr Growth Rank56
Revenue 3 Yr Annual Growth Rate26%
EPS 3 Yr Growth Rank6
EPS 3 Yr Annual Growth Rate141%
Total Return 3 Yr Rank22
Total Return 3 Yr Annual Rate39%
Beat S&P 500 (11.9%)yes
P/E Ratio7