MKS Instruments

MKS Instruments-Fastest Growing Companies 2018
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MKS Instruments sells equipment and systems for the manufacture of high-tech products, including computer chips, semiconductors, flat-panel screens, and solar cells. The company holds more than 1,500 patents worldwide and has made 19 acquisitions, including photonics solutions company Newport Corporation, since 1986. MKS reported sales of $573 million in its second quarter ended in July, up nearly 20% year over year.

Company Information

LocationAndover, Mass.
Current Streak2
Years on List2
CEOGerald Colella

Revenue, Net Income

Revenue past four quarters ($M)$2,033
Net Income past four quarters ($M)$379

Growth Rates and Ranks

Revenue 3 Yr Growth Rank25
Revenue 3 Yr Annual Growth Rate41%
EPS 3 Yr Growth Rank54
EPS 3 Yr Annual Growth Rate42%
Total Return 3 Yr Rank23
Total Return 3 Yr Annual Rate38%
Beat S&P 500 (11.9%)yes
P/E Ratio12