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James Steinkamp
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GrubHub has become a household name in online and mobile-food ordering. The company is working on streamlining its “diner-to-door” service nationwide by acquiring LevelUp—a mobile food ordering system—as well as expanding to dozens of new markets in 17 states. In addition, GrubHub now allows restaurants without their own delivery service to leverage the its extensive network of drivers to expand their personal customer base and grow order volumes. These expansion efforts are yielding more user traffic than ever: Active GrubHub diners increased 70% in the past year, from 9.2 million to 15.6 million.

Company Information

IndustryInternet Services and Retailing
Current Streak2
Years on List2
CEOMatthew M Maloney

Revenue, Net Income

Revenue past four quarters ($M)$760
Net Income past four quarters ($M)$112

Growth Rates and Ranks

Revenue 3 Yr Growth Rank29
Revenue 3 Yr Annual Growth Rate38%
EPS 3 Yr Growth Rank48
EPS 3 Yr Annual Growth Rate44%
Total Return 3 Yr Rank13
Total Return 3 Yr Annual Rate45%
Beat S&P 500 (11.9%)yes
P/E Ratio95