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    Water + Music newsletter

Cherie Hu writes an influential newsletter called Water & Music, which covers the intersection of music and tech innovation. In addition to evaluating future uses for NFTs in the industry, she has published research quantifying the amount of money musicians have made in the NFT economy.







Ethereum address: cheriehu.eth (0x03e9206f2A1234fEFaD2C0B07A86B1E0f5cB8d0D)


Favorite NFT artist: So hard to choose — I am becoming increasingly interested in NFTs not as standalone collectibles, but rather as digital tickets or entry points into wider, longer-term creative collectives and fan communities. In this vein, the way that indie labels like Leaving Records and the music collective Songcamp have incorporated NFTs into their community engagement strategies — giving token owners a genuine stake in the future of their respective brands, while dividing up revenue fairly among a wider group of creative collaborators — is inspiring to me.