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Catz has turned cloud into a critical part of the [f500link]Oracle[/f500link] machine, with the business now making up a growing chunk of the company’s nearly $40 billion in revenue. But despite big deals with the likes of [f500link]AT&T[/f500link], Oracle was late to the cloud game and is still struggling to play catch-up with rivals [f500link]Microsoft[/f500link], [f500link]Amazon[/f500link], and Google—and the share price has suffered as a result. Meanwhile, Catz, who first entered Oracle’s C-suite in 2005 as CFO, has upped her public profile, joining the board of [f500link]Disney[/f500link] in February.

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Revenues ($M)39,831
Profits ($M)3,825
Market Value as of 09/18/18 ($M)