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  • Title
  • Affiliation
    Anglo American Platinum
  • Country
    South Africa
  • 2020 Rank

Viljoen’s first year leading Amplats, as the South African mining company is often called, was defined by the coronavirus pandemic, and lockdowns that complicated and disrupted operations. Even so, the sky-high price of platinum—in demand partly because it is used in hydrogen fuel cell technology as well as other metals, like rhodium and palladium—drove strong results and record profits in 2020. This year’s financial performance is on track to be even better, with revenues, profits, and production soaring above last year’s levels. Viljoen, an engineer by training, takes pride in the work she has done to make mining safer and more efficient—such as with coarse particle recovery, a process that saves water and energy—as well as the efforts Amplats, the world’s largest platinum miner, has made to keep its 26,000 employees and stakeholder communities safe and financially sound throughout the pandemic.


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