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Novartis is the world’s second-largest drug company by revenue, and Tschudin, as president of pharmaceuticals, is running its largest business, a $24.3 billion portfolio that spans five therapeutic areas, from cardiology to dermatology, and 100 countries. But the industry veteran is going for more than strong sales growth (up 6% in the first half of 2021): She’s trying to rewrite the business’s playbook, rethinking the way it launches and markets products, in an effort to get its medicines to twice as many customers, twice as fast. That means changing the way it engages with health systems and patients and doing different sorts of deals—like the population health arrangement it has forged with England’s National Health Service, which will use Novartis’s Leqvio to treat 300,000 high-risk cardiovascular patients. Tschudin’s team of more than 30,000 is discussing similar agreements with additional health systems and pursuing other strategies to be more impactful in drug development and access.


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