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    CEO and Chairwoman of the Executive Committee
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Kadri arrived at Solvay, the $11.1 Belgian chemical company, in 2019, and quickly set about overhauling it by redefining the 158-year-old enterprise’s mission around sustainability and unveiling a One Planet strategy, intended to build a thriving business that also helps the world address climate change, resource scarcity, and other societal issues. That’s still her stated plan, but a somewhat unlikely challenger is campaigning to stop her: the ESG-interested activist Bluebell Capital, which has called for her removal over practices at Solvay’s soda ash plant in Italy. Bluebell, which was behind the ousting of Danone’s CEO in early 2021, is demanding that Kadri stop dumping the factory’s waste in the sea. Solvay, which notes it’s in compliance with local and national regulations, says the waste is powdery limestone, an all-natural material that stabilizes the shore against erosion. Solvay’s business has meanwhile bounced back from the challenging pandemic year, with strong demand coming from the automotive, electronics, and building industries.


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