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Doğan Boyner, the daughter of tycoon Aydin Dogan, could have been content inheriting part of a Turkish media empire. Instead, she quit the family business and built a bigger one. Doğan Boyner founded e-commerce firm Hepsiburada in 2000. The firm, often dubbed “the of Turkey,” is now the country’s largest online retailer. In July, Hepsiburada became the first Turkish firm to list on Nasdaq, debuting at a $3.9 billion valuation. The Nasdaq listing followed a record year in 2020, in which Hepsiburada’s revenue doubled to $750 million as pandemic lockdowns increased demand for online offerings. Doğan Boyner has tried to empower women through her business, creating a program to support 19,000 women entrepreneurs in the past four years and ensuring that 49% of Hepsiburada’s workforce is female. Going forward, Doğan Boyner is eyeing expansion outside of Turkey, starting in places that have sizable Turkish populations like Germany, Russia, and the Middle East.


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