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Achmea’s promotion of Tetteroo from vice chair to chair of the Dutch financial and insurance business in April earned the accountant a place on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list for the first time. Achmea’s earnings before tax in the first half of 2021 increased to €363 million ($420 million), doubling from the same period last year owing to the waning effects of COVID-19 and higher investment results. Under Tetteroo’s direction, the group has promoted stakeholder capitalist values in combating climate change and COVID-19. Achmea took the lead among a group of institutional investors urging for a more “fair and equitable” global response to COVID-19, asking drugmakers to put people ahead of profits in doling out vaccines globally. With its insurance business staring down increased payouts due to extreme weather, Achmea also says it will invest more in sustainable cities and climate action.


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