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Richards oversees $787 billion in client assets in her role as CEO of Fidelity International, a firm that emerged from 2020 with record operating profits. But this year, Richards is proving that she is willing to put those profits on the line to meet climate change and gender diversity targets. Fidelity says it will vote against board directors at 1,000 companies that are large carbon emitters if they fail to improve on climate standards. Fidelity also says it will vote against board directors at one-third of 4,000 companies it invests in if boards do not meet a 30% female threshold (or 15% in certain markets). As a leader, Richards is pioneering new ways of working, reaching out to her 8,500-person team to solicit new ideas like introducing more abbreviated workdays, routinely taking days off for holidays each month, and permanent work-from-home flexibility. Richards can also count herself as one of few financial executives to be honored with damehood, which Queen Elizabeth II bestowed to Richards this year for her services to the financial industry, women, education, and science.


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