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TISSINI is a for-profit social enterprise that offers low-income U.S. Hispanic immigrant women an opportunity to earn extra income and provide for their families. Through a single-level direct sales model, TISSINI’s clients purchase wholesale a variety of fashion and home goods sourced from Latin American partners and sell them for a profit. The business provides a simple and flexible channel for extra income that makes a true difference in these women’s lives.

The Miami-based company has kept all employees onboard with no layoffs through the COVID-19 pandemic. It also has donated thousands of masks to its clients, as well to local nonprofits that help feed individuals in under-resourced communities.

Company Information

HQ Location
Miami, Fla.
Business Leader(s)
Sion Tesone, Founder & CEO
2019 Revenue$4,937,187
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)2087.08%
Four-Year Jobs Created79