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    One Community Auto is a veteran-owned used car dealer that works with local non-profits to help them raise money by refurbishing and selling cars that they receive as donations. The company’s primary goal is to help charities raise five to ten times more money through charitable vehicle donations than they could have raised through other options. Additionally, One Community Auto sells cars to the government. It is a prime contractor to the USAF, USA, USMC and other agencies and operates as a professional auctioneer.

    The Albuquerque-based company works with more than 50 local charities and has helped them raise millions of dollars. Recognizing that transportation is vital to the economic success of the community, it also partners with local charities when their constituents need vehicles.

    Company Information

    HQ Location
    Business Leader(s)
    Gary Peterson, President
    2019 Revenue$1,461,616
    Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)175.66%
    Four-Year Jobs Created10