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Founded in 2006, Oaklandish designs and produces premium apparel and accessories that celebrate “local love and original Oakland charm,” with proceeds supporting an array of spirited community partnerships.

A pioneering business, Oaklandish was one of the first companies to do mobile retail by transforming large campers into novel shopping destinations. It is also a social enterprise, with a B-Corp designation that is not just for show. CEO Angela Tsay reports that she and her team consistently made decisions that have gone against maximizing profits, often in the service of the local community or the company’s employees. The company’s tremendous growth is testament to the idea that businesses can do exceptionally well while doing good.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oaklandish invested in its infrastructure to better support its online business and is using its platform to help small entrepreneurs to launch their own companies.

Company Information

HQ Location
Oakland, Calif.
Business Leader(s)
Angela Tsay, CEO
2019 Revenue$5,013,427
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)52.27%
Four-Year Jobs Created-