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Founded in 2010, MD Energy Advisors focuses on anticipating and solving energy problems and reducing energy spend to maximize profitability. It has performed work for many of Baltimore’s largest real estate companies, and implementations have included included on-site and offsite solar projects, HVAC replacements and tune-ups, and much more.

The Baltimore-based company was recently recognized by Senator Bill Ferguson as the 2019 Company of the Year for its “Conversations in the City” series that brings together the business community, elected officials, and non-profits to discuss problems and potential solutions for issues impacting the city. It also won the Bridging The Gap Achievement Award from the Greater Baltimore Committee in the Innovative Partnership/Strategic Alliance category (with ICF International).

Company Information

HQ Location
Business Leader(s)
Jason Schwartzberg, President
2019 Revenue$1,815,625
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)176.62%
Four-Year Jobs Created7