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Founded by the husband and wife team of Jose and Zoraida de la Rosa in 2008, Guardian Healthcare is a home care agency that provides services to patients in their preferred language. It operates principally in underserved communities with high levels of poverty and low healthcare access rates. Cultural competency is a hallmark of the company’s work.

Guardian hires clinical staff who are fluent in at least two languages. This reduces the need for translators and raises the standard of care for non-English-speaking patients that would otherwise be ignored by healthcare providers. Under the de la Rosa leadership, the Boston-based company has expanded to serving patients in underserved communities in Brockton, Lawrence, and Worcester.

Company Information

HQ Location
Business Leader(s)
Jose de la Rosa, CEO and Zoraida de la Rosa, Chief Clinical Officer
2019 Revenue$15,910,613
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)48.73%
Four-Year Jobs Created156