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Green Light Safety specializes in rentals, sales, and service of gas detection equipment as well as the calibration of this equipment in the Houston area. Its customers range from chemical plants, refineries, and tank servicing facilities to shipyards, marine vessels, and marine chemists.

One of Green Light Safety’s favorite ways of contributing to the local community is through safety fairs where it educates the public on best safety practices and applications of the equipment it sells and services. It also contributes financial support and volunteer hours to local food banks, educational foundations, and sporting activities.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Houston-based company has pivoted from only selling to also leasing safety equipment to accommodate customers who are navigating through difficult, uncertain times.

Company Information

HQ Location
Business Leader(s)
Joe Palmer, President
2019 Revenue$1,108,918
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)191.08%
Four-Year Jobs Created2