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Founded in 2012, Eubio is a medical and health communications firm comprised of physicians, scientists, and creatives who believe that by sharing credible and compelling scientific information, we contribute to creating a world where we all can make informed, inspired health choices.

Eubio has supported the Kidney Fund and Camp Sunshine, a camp for Georgia children with cancer and their families. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has created a platform for sharing and inspiring others with inspirational messages, gratitude statements, and helpful links to resources to keep individual communities healthy and informed. It has also committed to providing a monthly gift of $2,020 to highlight charitable organizations that are making a real difference in these challenging times.

Company Information

HQ Location
College Park, Ga.
Business Leader(s)
Alita Anderson, MD, Principal
2019 Revenue$1,317,620
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)338.57%
Four-Year Jobs Created5