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ER2 is a professional technology life cycle solutions company that provides hardware purchase to disposal and all asset management in between including installation, deployment, asset inventory, and data and equipment destruction.

“We strive to restore and bring back to life the products, the community and the people that come to work for us,” says CEO Chris Ko. In an effort to bridge the technology divide, ER2 donates thousands of laptops to underprivileged students, families, and veterans and trains them on how to use it practically to save money, find jobs, and improve their lives overall. ER2 hires on the three values it lives by—constantly improving, acting in humility, and living a life of servanthood. Ko says, “We want people who walk through the doors looking to give and not receive.”

Ko is most proud of ER2’s ability to “remove the lies people have been told throughout their life—that they’re not worth it, not smart enough, not valuable enough—and replace with the truths—that they are uniquely created with gifts and skill sets that can bless so many people.”

Company Information

HQ Location
Memphis, Tenn.
Business Leader(s)
Chris Ko, Co-Founder and CEO and Rick Krug, Co-Founder and Visionary
2019 Revenue$17,100,000
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)225.71%
Four-Year Jobs Created42