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Doctor Aromas provides an at home scenting system that uses air conditioners to distribute scents evenly throughout homes. The company’s story began in a small town in Argentina, where Marcelo Zelicovich began scenting public restrooms. Success prompted his move to Buenos Aires, where he opened a brick and mortar location. One day, a client noticed his bathroom smelled terrific but his store itself smelled less than rosy. Upon discovering that the foul scent’s source was an air conditioner that was drawing in the air from one of the smelliest creeks in Buenos Aires, he realized that if smelly air could be distributed via air conditioners, so could good scents. That moment spurred the development of the company’s proprietary DA Dispenser.

In 2003, Zelicovich relocated to Miami in 2003 and partnered with Rolando Epstein to found Doctor Aromas. The company was originally a B2B business but has since transitioned to selling at-home versions of its systems, DA Mini, and opening up an online store in 2011.

Doctor Aromas has created a foundation that supports education and the practice of arts and culture in South Florida. The foundation creates opportunities for experimentation and innovation and encourages the exchange of ideas through exhibitions, competitions, and education. Its Art of Aromas competition gives local art school students the opportunity to compete for scholarship prizes by creating a piece of art inspired by one of the company’s scents.

Company Information

HQ Location
North Miami, Fla.
Business Leader(s)
Marcelo Zelicovich, President and Rolando Epstein, CEO
2019 Revenue$3,292,698
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)117.88%
Four-Year Jobs Created10