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Founded in 1999, Advanced Multi-Sign Corp manufactures and installs custom signs. Its Founder and President Ariel Pedrosa built the business from the ground up. He saw the gap in the market and initially worked for free to ensure that the business started on solid footing.

While the company was not founded in its current home of Hialeah, Florida, the area has supported its most significant growth. Advanced Multi-Sign Corp benefits from having a local workforce and a community culture that supports innovation. This has allowed the company to take risks. Moreover, as an orphan himself, Pedrosa takes time out of his business to teach orphans how to use their passions. He also rallies other local business owners to join him in this pursuit.

Company Information

HQ Location
Hialeah, Fla.
Business Leader(s)
Ariel Pedrosa, Founder, CEO and President
2019 Revenue$1,665,333
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)93.45%
Four-Year Jobs Created13