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Streamline is a tech-enabled real estate company that enhances urban communities. They have created innovative solutions and processes throughout the company to identify acquisition opportunities, ensure operational efficiencies, and deliver an exceptional customer experience for the new construction consumer.

Their location in Philadelphia has benefitted them immensely in two main areas: many prospective homebuyers are currently living in the neighborhoods in which Streamline works, allowing them to meet with clients on short notice and make the most of their time with them. Secondly, and most importantly, Streamline can directly impact the neighborhood in which they live and work through fundraisers, events and other philanthropic endeavors. The company culture is built around the philosophy of “Do It Right.”

Company Information

HQ Location
Philadelphia, Pa.
Business Leader(s)
Mike Stillwell, CEO
2018 Revenues ($M)$44,166,479
Five-Year Growth Rate (%)179.51%