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    When Sammy Mandell opened Greenville Avenue Pizza Company in 2007, he thought the restaurant’s proximity to a popular nightlife area would be a major factor driving clients to his company. In 2010, however, he had to rethink his business strategy as the entire area was slated for redevelopment with construction literally reaching his restaurant’s driveway. Mandell persevered through this setback and the concurrent recession by refocusing on his delivery service. Today, the neighborhood is booming, and Mandell’s hard work has paid off. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company now has two thriving locations and Mandell plans to open seven more within the next few years.

    Company Information

    HQ Location
    Dallas, Texas
    Business Leader(s)
    Sammy Mandell, CEO
    2018 Revenues ($M)$3,630,572
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)156.58%