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Working in bakeries since age 14, founder Matt Kreutz managed to turn his passion into one of the most recognized bakeries in the Bay Area. Firebrand Artisan Breads, which offers a unique line of wood fired breads and pastries, sees their location in the Bay Area as one of their largest assets. Matt describes his products as having an ugly yet beautiful quality to them, which has allowed Firebrand to separate itself from their local competitors.

Firebrand sees itself as a second chance employer, working with people with high barriers to employment to create high quality jobs that allow everyone to create wealth, equity, and professional development opportunities within the company. Firebrand continues to maintain their steady growth while still remaining true to the brand’s unique identity.

Company Information

HQ Location
Oakland, Calif.
Business Leader(s)
Matt Kreutz, CEO
2018 Revenues ($M)$5,800,000
Five-Year Growth Rate (%)383.33%