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Over 15 years ago, after researching multiple business opportunities, Jeffrey Jones found what he considered to be a rapid growth business opportunity in the 100-year-old and $25B/year promotional products industry. The primary focus of the business was to leverage technology to improve the customer experience and to reduce costs related to promotional products, branded apparel, banners / displays, and print. Consolidus, LLC is now a multi-million-dollar business that provides customers with custom online stores for these branded products, and by consolidating (thus Consolidus) the purchasing volume of organizations, it saves them a lot of money. To recruit and retain talent, the company focuses on providing fast-growing careers in the digital economy by fostering a collaborative, progressive, customer-focused culture.

Company Information

HQ Location
Akron, Ohio
Business Leader(s)
Jeffrey Jones, Founder & CEO
2018 Revenues ($M)$5,031,139
Five-Year Growth Rate (%)108.35%