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For nearly 15 years, The Menkiti Group real estate services firm has invested over $200 million into Washington D.C.’s emerging neighborhoods, has developed or has in its pipeline more than 1.6 million square feet of property, and has brokered the sale of more than $1 billion in residential real estate, helping more than 1,000 families purchase first homes. Driven with a mission to transform lives, careers, and communities through real estate, and led by a visionary entrepreneur and CEO in Bo Menkiti, the firm has created and implemented a Neighborhood Transformation Model in emerging urban areas in DC, MD, and MA, recognizing the potential for creating a great neighborhood with a mix of housing stock, a thriving commercial corridor, and by enhancing the existing cultural, artistic, and other assets that make a vibrant community. The firm’s bottom line is about impact, and it is committed to helping communities realize the potential of their assets at the neighborhood level through social enterprise.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)68.26%
2017 Revenues ($M)$17,515,873
HQ Location
Washington, DC
Business Leader(s)
Bo Menkiti
CEO and Co-Founder