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Simpson Plastering is a subcontractor that specializes in plaster, stucco, EIFS, spray applied fireproofing, and waterproofing. CEO Richard Riley bought a company in 2008 when the economy crashed and managed to retain everyone from the company he purchased. One challenge the company faces today is hiring within the millennial generation which tends to lack the technical skills needed for this type of work. Richard is driven by a spiritual conviction to help those around him: “We chose to be in this neighborhood to help the neighborhood.” Looking forward, Richard wants to see customer satisfaction and quality go up, while maintaining current revenue numbers. He and the team plans to pull in the reigns on growth a bit and make another push to grow in 2-3 years.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)411.97%
2017 Revenues ($M)$20,502,741
HQ Location
Birmingham, Alabama
Business Leader(s)
Richard Riley