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Imagine a think tank that combines business acumen with the fire power of a creative advertising agency – a marketing firm that bridges the worlds of strategy, design and storytelling to transform thinking, win hearts, minds and market share. That’s how Shannon Langrand has evolved her company, founded in 2003, from a small communications start-up to one of the most successful firms of its kind in Houston, Texas. Langrand says, that as a first-generation American, she’s found the City to be welcoming and receptive to innovation. Her 100 percent Hispanic-owned company has partnered with local institutions to help tell their stories, including an eight-year project promoting a new light rail system in the country’s fourth largest city. Over time the company’s focus has shifted to primarily healthcare. With their 360-degree view, data expertise and communications know-how, Langrand continues to help major health plans claim the lead in a hypercompetitive market. And, encourage people to engage with their healthcare opportunities.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)133.47%
2017 Revenues ($M)$8,023,973
HQ Location
Houston, Texas
Business Leader(s)
Shannon Langrand
Founder and CEO