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The Leading Niche uses data and cutting-edge consulting to deliver ‘”actionable intelligence” to commercial and government customers in domestic and international markets. These services include big data, cybersecurity, regulatory, compliance, and investigative consulting. The Leading Niche is able to surpass other players in its space by being more nimble than large competitors and more efficient and experienced than small competitors. CEO Tamara Nall and her team are deeply focused on the human aspects of their work. Ethics is a top priority, and Nall recalls turning down multi-million dollar contracts due to ethical concerns. In the future, she hopes to develop her company’s expertise into a software product to more easily deliver some of The Leading Niche’s key services. The company is headquartered in Harlem and over a third of the employees live in underserved communities.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)791.66%
2016 Revenues ($M)$6.19
HQ Location
New York City
Business Leader(s)
Tamara Nall