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Daren Bascome knows that every city is full of stories waiting to be told. As managing director of Proverb, a Boston-based multidisciplinary branding agency, he works to shape the images, narratives, and messages that define his clients. Bascome’s team has guided revitalized neighborhoods in cities like Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles in reshaping their image, and has even helped religious leaders strategize about how to better connect with the millennial generation. Proverb’s central location in Boston’s South End allows it to attract a young, ambitious team while also infusing the team with a deep understanding of the complexities of an urban neighborhood. When working with a real estate company, nonprofit or other organization, Proverb’s team encourages clients to examine and embrace the history of its neighborhood, and also to interweave its past and present, engaging the community in an exciting narrative that leads towards a bright future.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)350.03%
2016 Revenues ($M)$1.97
HQ Location
Business Leader(s)
Daren Bascome and Christine Needham
Managing Director and Creative Director, Managing Partner and Director of Client Services