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    Serial entrepreneur Jay Patel found himself wondering in 2003 if he might be able to make a business out of fulfilling trucking and logistics requests for customers of his warehousing business. He had long thought that transportation played a vital role in American commerce, providing the raw means to facilitate commerce and progress. Fast-forward a decade later to Westcoast Trucking, an upstart transportation firm with Fortune 500 clientele and the track record to credibly expect to double its fleet year over year for the foreseeable future. Patel cites a facility with technology and an emphasis on superior end-to-end service as differentiating factors that have helped his company thrive.

    Company Information

    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)156%
    2015 Revenues ($M)$3.2
    HQ Location
    Compton, CA
    Business Leader(s)
    Jay Patel
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