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Growing up in what he calls “diesel death zone” along West Coast truck shipping routes, Bruce Melgar developed a lifelong passion for fighting waste and environmental degradation. As CEO of UrbanX, Melgar is able to leverage his Long Beach, CA location to reach 2,000 kitchens and restaurants in a 100-mile radius and recycle their used cooking oil into fuel. UrbanX has been embraced by Southern California powerhouses like Fox and Warner Brothers, who use the biofuels to operate on-set equipment, as well as by companies like Red Bull, who are seeking a more environmentally friendly way to transport goods. In building his team Melgar sought, above all, employees who grew up experiencing the same environmental troubles that he did. As a result, none of Melgar’s staff came to UrbanX with direct experience. Instead, UrbanX provides extensive training to new hires on their highly specialized internal systems and takes pride in employee empowerment and low turnover.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)515%
2015 Revenues ($M)$3.08
HQ Location
Long Beach, CA
Business Leader(s)
Bruce Melgar
President and CEO