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As co-owners of Three Brothers Bakery, Janice and Bobby Jucker live at the vibrant intersection of old and new. The history of their Houston-based company dates back to Bobby’s great-great-grandfather’s bakery in 19th-century Poland. It continued with his father and two uncles, Holocaust survivors who moved to Texas after World War II and founded the first Three Brothers Bakery store. Since that time, Three Brothers Bakery has developed longstanding relationships not only with single customers, but with entire families, in some cases providing wedding cakes for three generations of a Houston family. Bobby and Janice have worked to leverage cutting-edge communications—from Pinterest to blogging and public relations analytics—to get the word out about their family tradition.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)170%
2015 Revenues ($M)$4.75
HQ Location
Houston, TX
Business Leader(s)
Janice Jucker
President and Co-Owner