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When John Hamilton came to the Onyx Company as a consultant in 2010, he never anticipated that it would become his next big challenge—and success. A natural entrepreneur, John had been looking for the chance to do sustainable, business-driven work and saw an opportunity to innovate the food disposable industry through this company. With this motivation, John turned a traditional janitorial goods company into a leading supplier of sustainable food service products. A strictly B2B company, the Onyx Company has been directly influential in expanding the sustainable packaging supply chain and created a consulting arm of the business to educate customers on the benefits of using these products. These two factors and their ability to manage customers’ economic needs with their sustainable goals have brought their products—formerly known as too expensive—into mainstream markets. The Onyx Company has a high staff retention rate, and they attribute access to talented local professionals and job training programs to their location in the Pilsen area of Chicago.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)521%
2015 Revenues ($M)$4.39
HQ Location
Chicago, IL
Business Leader(s)
John Hamilton