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For 26 years, The Closing Agent has been at the forefront of change in Orlando. As a provider of real estate title and escrow services, CEO Barry L. Miller, Esq. saw his customers change from excited homebuyers during the real estate boom to people filing for bankruptcy in the depths of recession. As economic growth has rebounded, The Closing Agent has again found itself leading a rejuvenation of the real estate market. The Closing Agent has had an active role in local development of the Thornton Park neighborhood and has focused on facilitating mixed-use developments that provide lodging, entertainment, and dining. In an industry where change is constant and inevitable, Miller seeks to provide exceptional support to his staff, with comprehensive benefits and the assurance that between a CEO and his team, “loyalty is a two-way street.” Despite the financial struggles of the Great Recession, for instance, Miller did not lay off a single employee, electing instead to forgo his own paycheck for a year.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)162%
2015 Revenues ($M)$3.82
HQ Location
Orlando, FL
Business Leader(s)
Barry Miller
President and CEO