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Seer Interactive is a digital marketing agency providing SEO, PPC, & Analytics services to clients ranging in size from small local organizations to global Fortune 500 companies. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, CEO Wil Reynolds managed big-name search campaigns for a large firm, but his work schedule didn’t allow him to volunteer with a nearby hospital. In 2002, Reynolds set out to create a company that would allow people to excel in the office and the community. To get there, Reynolds endured the challenge of leaving a big company with illustrious clients to going door to door to generate business. Reynolds believed that if he consistently did the right thing, big clients would find their way back to him. His persistence paid off: Today, Seer has offices in Philadelphia and San Diego, and prospective clients are lining up to sign up.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)236%
2015 Revenues ($M)$12.15
HQ Location
Philadelphia, PA
Business Leader(s)
Wil Reynolds