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SIGN IN stems from good market sense and a great URL. Company founder Chris DiMarco left Wall Street to maximize on a gap he saw in the online presence of lighting sales. Driven by the recent purchase of the “” URL and an entrepreneurial spirit, Chris and a team of investors (including Chris’ longtime friend, current CEO Anthony Balsamo) created an impressive business in just five short years, achieving the title of fastest growing Philadelphia business in 2015. Chris and Anthony see as a haven for the “NEO” lighting shopper, and they attribute a large amount of their success to the experience they create for the client. This experience is enhanced by their team of experts, who help embody the company’s core values. This talent is drawn to both the convenient inner city location (90% of employees live nearby) and the innovative model of

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)3266%
2015 Revenues ($M)$4.49
HQ Location
Philadelphia, PA
Business Leader(s)
Chris DiMarco and Anthony Balsamo
Founder (DiMarco); CEO (Balsamo)