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When McKenzie Lovelace moved back to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city, she quickly realized that population decline had left many of the city’s companies struggling to reach a larger audience. Sensing a gap in local digital marketing options, she founded FSC Interactive in 2007. Today, Lovelace attributes her company’s fast success to a stellar team. She prioritizes fit with her company’s collaborative but self-motivated culture over concrete marketing skills and experience. The company’s New Orleans location is a key part of this culture, and Lovelace says that it contributes to the “connected and unique” feeling of the office.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)159%
2015 Revenues ($M)$2.2
HQ Location
New Orleans, LA
Business Leader(s)
McKenzie Lovelace and Tallie Merritt
Founder and CEO (Lovelace); President (Merritt)