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After years of working in the credit card processing industry and analyzing the opportunities for improvement in that space, Dimitri Akhrin founded Bank Associates Merchant Services (BAMS), a payments processing company that provides businesses with affordable electronic payment solutions. Today, BAMS works with major clients, particularly restaurants, hotels, and e-commerce providers, across the country. Akhrin says that the company’s emphasis on transparency and cutting edge technology has been paramount to the company’s success. In addition, being headquartered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, has benefited the company’s growth, providing central access to its clients and attracting employees, many of whom have moved to the neighborhood to be closer to the office. Akhrin is highly optimistic about the future of this rapidly-changing industry and about the growth of his company.

Company Information

Five-Year Growth Rate (%)134%
2015 Revenues ($M)$3.95
HQ Location
Brooklyn, NY
Business Leader(s)
Dimitri Akhrin