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  • Age
  • Occupation
    Talent Adviser, Human Resources
  • Company
  • Location
    San Antonio, TX

Having survived a roadside bombing in Afghanistan in August 2007, and endured 44 lifesaving and reconstructive surgeries over the three ensuing years, Todd Nelson contemplated taking it easy on the golf course the rest of his life. Instead, he finished his college education and, after joining USAA, found a new calling in helping wounded veterans develop meaningful career paths—and showing employers why they should seek out such veterans in their hiring: “They bring to the table resiliency and the ability to overcome,” says Nelson, a retired U.S. Army master sergeant who served 19 years on active duty. “They’ve demonstrated that.” By opening a partnership between USAA and Wounded Warrior Project, Nelson has been creating tailored internships to show vets what doors are open to them and has advocated to other companies to join in. “We believe they deserve a career that’s going to last them the rest of their life,” he says.