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    Bedford and Bloomington, Ind.

Telephone technicians Tim Tague (above, second from right) and Pat Reagan (second from left) were out working on repairs in Columbus, Ind., as a small plane dropped below the treetops, barreled past houses, and crashed into a suburban backyard. Tague took off running toward the scene, got 911 on the phone, and checked the property for occupants. Meanwhile, Reagan sprinted for the flaming backyard, and spotted the plane’s pilot, who was on fire. Reagan broke down a wooden fence with his body, and pulled the pilot out of the yard, where neighbors doused him with water. The plane’s passenger and the homeowner survived. Ultimately, though, the 81-year-old pilot did not. “It’s kind of bittersweet,” Reagan says. “I’m glad we were there, and I would never hesitate to do something like that again.”