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  • Age
  • Occupation
    Senior Process Engineer
  • Company
    Ecolab Inc.
  • Location
    Freeport, Texas

Schools in dozens of villages from the highlands of Peru to Cambodia have water systems, renovated kitchens, and other facilities upgrades thanks to Mission McNeill. Co-founder Paul McNeill (pictured above, left, in Peru) grew up between the U.S. (where his dad is from) and Guatemala (his mother’s home country), witnessing a stark contrast in access to running water. He thought kids in developing countries deserved better. The engineer and his wife, Paola—they met in 2006 during Paul’s first trip to Peru—decided to ditch plans to buy a house, live more modestly, and sink their savings into expanding the nonprofit. In 2012, Ecolab even granted him a yearlong leave of absence to continue his work in Peru and Guatemala.