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  • Age
  • Occupation
    Mid-Cap Strategy & Support Director, Transaction Management
  • Company
    CBRE Group, Inc.
  • Location
    Houston, Texas

A birthday cake may seem like just a sweet nicety, but to Myra Smith it’s an important source of self-esteem for children, particularly those living in the shelter system. “I want them to have that one special day,” says Smith. In 1998, the day after her youngest son turned 2 (and face-planted, joyfully, in his own cake), she hatched a plan to deliver cakes to a local women’s shelter in Houston. Smith has kept it up for 16 years, and the idea has flourished as a program throughout CBRE since 2001. So far, colleagues in 55 cities have delivered more than 7,500 cakes to children in 81 shelters. The same “golden rule” still holds, she says: “It needs to be the cake you take to your own child.”